Be Seen. Be Heard.

There are critical elections taking place this year up and down the ballot. Your neighbors are going to be voting in these important elections and your vote counts, too. Together, our votes count. Pledge that this year you’ll be informed, volunteer, register to vote, watch a debate, show up to the polls, or encourage your circles to get out there.

It's Easy to Vote! See for yourself.

The power is in our hands to create change in our community when we vote. Thankfully, it is easy to vote here in Washington state. You just watch for your ballot in the mailbox, VOTE by marking your selections with a black pen, put the ballot in the special security pocket, sign it, and mail it in or drop it at a ballot drop box. Remember, who you vote for is secret, but whether you voted is public record!

Make a Plan to Vote.

Your friends are counting on you to vote—whether it’s because of college tuition, the minimum wage, or ensuring equal opportunity. The best way to ensure you vote is by making a plan. Schedule a day to fill out your ballot, and plan when you will drop it off at the mailbox or ballot box.

Will you vote on a Saturday? After work?

The more clear your plan is, the more likely you are to follow through and exercise the power of voting!